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Your sites?

Then our SEO hosting is just the thing for you! You not only get about 1300 Class C networks from Germany and Europe, but the same hosting for them.

A permanent, complex automatic monitoring and a daily external backup guarantees the best availability.
When booking our resellers access you can choose every single IP and even book whenever you need it (short monthly or cheap 12 month maturities).
StarISP / Premium SEO Hosting

When optimizing the placement of websites in search engines the professional agencies for IP addresses from different Class-C network play an increasingly important role. When link building, many search engine optimizers assume that links from websites that are masked with the same IP or closely related IPs are valued less, as these may indicate so-called link networks in the larger scale.

In order to create optimal conditions for the ranking and the best placement of your website in search engines, offers StarISP special hosting packages, where IP addresses of up to 1300 different Class C networks are available.

THE SEO solution

All packages come with convenient management interface cPanel, 1000MB disk space, and a MySQL database.