We offer our SEO hosting packages to about 800 different IP addresses from 40 different Class C networks. But the SEO hosting is a relatively new type of hosting that brings certain advantages. Due to this, we have not heard too many of them, which is why this article is mainly about basic things to bring those interested in more details.

What is SEO Hosting?

So-called SEOs are operators of sites, and thereby simultaneously by several Internet sites, but they all have their own IP addresses. The advantage of SEO hosting is just here above all. Why? This scattering produces linking of separate projects with another IP popularity. Even with larger exchange negotiations just pages are available with different IP addresses, the partners are often delighted with the link exchange. If everything is controlled via IP addresses, the IP would produce only little popularity, and this is just as important as stable and fast servers for SEOs.

To obtain a high level IP popularity, SEOs get the opportunity to opt for multiple providers or SEO hosting provider specialized for web hosting. These specialized providers for various IP addresses usually offer the Class C IP Hosting. Thus owners of customer accounts may provide their various projects by Multiple C Class IP Hosting with different IP addresses.

The advantages of Class C IP hosting

Thanks to the Class C IP hosting the SEOs get configuration and management work! And, because all projects running on our SEO hosting page via a provider. Based on this system, the ability to work efficiently and optimizing the website is offered for the SEOs. But the whole thing turns out not so easy in Germany. While many of these specialized providers can be found in America, the search is difficult in Germany. Because of the novelty, there are few experts in the Class C IP Hosting, and there is no default service of known mass hosters.

There is a need!

In Germany the optimizing on search engines Hosting is still used as a fresh trend that has swept over America. But just a good ranking in the search engine results is important for the E Business. These are just the right keywords, user-friendly pages and a good layout. In summary, there is a SEO hosting in Germany that needs our help. Here you find an overview of our SEO hosting packages.