SEOs usually operates several websites and they are also often equipped with different IP addresses. The advantage of this scattering of IP addresses is obvious: to increase, for example, in a linking of individual projects and to be equal to the IP popularity. In addition, the link exchange partners are often pleased and more willing to give when in larger exchange actions sides with different IP addresses available. However, all projects assigned an IP address, so this brings little for many SEOs as important viewed IP popularity. For instance, some SEOs IP Popularity, is as equally important as a fast and secure servers in good neighborhood.

The possibilities that SEO generates a diversity of IP popularity are, for example, to look for multiple providers for web hosting or to select a specialized SEO hosting provider. Such specialized SEO web hosting providers usually offer to a Class C IP hosting on multiple IP addresses. This one and the same web hosting provider offers the possibility of different projects in a customer account via Multiple C Class IP Hosting with different Class C IP addresses to supply. Some vendors call this Class C IP Hosting with multiple IP addresses, or simply Multiple IP Hosting.

The advantages of Class C IP hosting are quite clear. Due to the fact that for several projects a provider can be used, also there is configuration and management effort on the part of the SEOs that can be saved. Therefore, a Web hosting is based on Class C IP hosting for professional SEOs often a potential building block for the efficient work and optimizing websites. While many such SEO find in America Hoster, offering products such as the C Class IP hosting with multiple IP addresses, the search designed for such specialized web hosting provider in Germany sometimes is not so easy.

For the Multiple IP Hosting is also true in Germany, but here so far is found only relatively few web hosting experts for the special Class C IP Hosting, a standard service which is available at the more or less popular mass hosting, it is not generally at this particular SEO hosting.